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The Impact of Philanthropic Trends

The Impact of Philanthropic Trends

Philanthropic trends ebb and flow like the tide; they have a tendency to change dramatically over time. Those of us attempting to do our best for our organization through proper cultivation and grant writing may find a historic supporter recently changed their giving priorities and will no longer be able to provide funding. The economic […]

Developing a Team Approach to Grant S...

Developing a Team Approach to Grant Seeking

Does it ever seem like you are not on the same page as your executive director in development efforts? While both the executive leadership and grant writer have distinctly different roles and functions, it is critical they work in synch to maximize their organization’s cultivation opportunities and successfully secure grant funding. The systematic approach we […]

Get on Facebook. We want to like you.

Get on Facebook. We want to like you.

We know you’re out there. Accomplished professionals who continue to avoid social networking, both personally and professionally. I’m busy, and I don’t have time to waste playing around on Facebook. It’s not real communication. Do I have to do it? Yes. Social networking is a fundamental change in the way we communicate. It’s a very […]

Finding the Needle: Grant Prospecting...

Finding the Needle: Grant Prospecting for the Right Fits

To find funding for your programs or project, you must identify the grant-making foundations, corporations, and government institutions which are the “right fit” for your work. Grant prospecting is the act of using database tools, professional networks, and personal contacts to identify and cultivate the most appropriate potential funding partners. There are number of good […]

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