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Monthly archives for December, 2011

The Giving Season

The end of the year is an extremely busy time for everyone, but perhaps more so for folks working in the nonprofit world. Nonprofit organizations must compile end of year statistics, submit reports, and do a host of other administrative duties that ensure every holiday season is a demanding one. Direct service agencies are further […]

Start the New Year Ready!

For most in the grant writing profession, the holiday season represents a brief reprieve from application deadlines and the scrambling we sometimes do to meet them. With that in mind, this is a great time of year to prepare for the coming year so you can reduce the time spent scrambling and stay ahead of […]

When Disaster Strikes

It can disappear in an instant—all of your hard work gone—and all because your organization wasn’t prepared for a crisis. It isn’t a matter of if a crisis will happen in or to your non-profit; it’s when. Whether you’re a team of one or 51, your organization must plan for disaster. Friends, donors, and your […]

White Noise

Where does your nonprofit stand among the masses? A report released this week by the Philanthropy Journal ( suggests “the nonprofit sector is big, getting bigger, and dominated by big organizations.” The U.S. reported more than 1.4 million nonprofits in 2010, up 19% from 1999. One million of those were public charities that account for 75% of […]

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