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Monthly archives for February, 2012

Who’s Reading This? 3 Tips for ...

In the scurry to collect data, check facts, craft budgets, gather supporting documents, and write a proposal narrative, have you ever wondered “Who’s reading this?” The answer may surprise you. Many Federal applications for competitive grants in education or social services are reviewed by a panel of three peers. While at least one of those […]

What am I writing again? 4 Types of G...

You’ve already decided what foundation you’re going to pursue to fund your next big project. You contacted them to gauge their interest in your request. They told you “yes, please submit” and recommended you send an RFI, LOI, a proposal, or an application. What’s with the alphabet soup, and what’s the difference between those documents? […]

Is Your Organization Ready to Find th...

I was excited about the conversation that started after my last blog, “Rookies vs. Pros: What to Look for in a Professional Grant Writer.” It got me thinking about two areas that are critical to grant seeking success: your organization’s readiness for grant seeking (thanks Paul Marengo) and a grant writer’s experience (thanks Scott Herr). […]

What’s Style Got to Do With It?

If you’ve ever been in a debate with a colleague about writing style or grammar rules, you know how painful it can be. It’s amazing and (and somewhat silly) that an issue such as the serial comma might cause tears to fall or nostrils to flare. Believe me—I’ve been there. The funny thing is that […]

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