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Grant Writer on the Edge: 3 Tips for ...

March is one of the nuttiest times of year for grant writers–myself included! So let me be brief:   Staying organized all the time really helps. I’m somewhat anal retentive anyways, but organization is key to productivity and efficiency. Always track your work in a database or on Excel spreadsheet. Prepare in advance for all […]

How Do You Track Your Success as a Gr...

In recent weeks on blogs I read regularly, there has been much discussion about what to look for when hiring a grant writer and how to evaluate grant writing success. It seems there are two underlying issues that make establishing broad evaluation criteria for grant writers challenging. The first is the absence of universally recognized and […]

Handouts vs. Hand Ups: Making Friends...

To some people in the nonprofit sector, fundraising is a dirty little “F” word. That single word has the ability to paralyze even the most tenured nonprofit leader, speaking to its incredible power within the industry. Why do we let one word hold so much sway over us? Some nonprofit leaders refrain from effective fundraising […]

Snail Mail: Who’s Watching Out for Yo...

I am convinced the U.S. Postal Service gets bored. So every once in a while, that’s why they get crazy and mix things up. For instance, one summer I had a beautiful admission brochure all ready for print. The publication team was excited because the piece and matching envelope were square, and we thought that […]

Staying Motivated 24/7/365

Earlier this week, JustWrite Solutions celebrated its one-year anniversary of full-time consulting work. What a thrilling moment! And we are thankful for so many things…for securing more than $2 million for groups across the country last year. For being invited to speak at the MidAtlantic Grant Professionals Conference in May ( For being introduced to […]

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