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Monthly archives for June, 2012

What’s Your Ethical Compass?

Lately, my team and I have had many talks about ethics. We’ve discussed the ethics of working with multiple clients, of grant submissions, and of fundraising and communications in general. We’ve pulled up the Grant Professional Association and Association of Fundraising Professional’s Codes of Ethics to be sure we’re walking the walk and talking the […]

Do Your Homework! Tips on Working wit...

At many of the nation’s more than 88,000 private foundations, a paid staff member serves as the gatekeeper to giving. These folks go by the titles program officer, grants manager, coordinator, or any number of other names. Essentially, these professionals are the first level of review for proposals and the first person you need to […]

Write with Confidence!

If I approached you and asked you for $100,000, and in return, I might be able to start a program that could possibly train and provide seeing-eye companion dogs to maybe 15 children. How confident would you be in my ability to accomplish the task? More importantly, how likely would you be to invest in […]

Fundraising Is Your Job, Too

This is an exciting time for me. For more than 12 years I’ve worked in the world of higher education advancement, and now I’m transitioning into my full-time role as communications project manager for JustWrite Solutions. This is thrilling for me, but any kind of change tends to make me get all philosophical. In this […]

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