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Your Commitment is Required

As nonprofit leaders, there may come a time when you begin working with consultants, such as the team at JustWrite Solutions. You will enter these business relationships to not only make more money via grants, sponsorships, and other means of fundraising, but to save you and your organization time—time you simply do not have. However, […]

Never Stop Learning

When I was in college, I may have had a passing thought that at some point I would be finished with school. For me, the idea that education is finite didn’t last, and I knew then and know now that education should never end. There are thousands of chances to learn every day—don’t ignore those […]

What I’ve Learned about Proposa...

Despite what you may have heard or read, not just anyone can write proposals. Well, I guess anyone can write a proposal, but that doesn’t mean anyone can write a successful proposal. My transition from the world of higher education communications and marketing to proposal writing and other nonprofit communication has been interesting and informative. […]

Is it an “Outcome” or an ...

In drafting a final report to a grant funder, the program manager for a household financial education program that teaches low-income households how to become more financially stable boasted that the program was successful, and provided the following list as examples of “outcomes” that were achieved: 1,500 promotional flyers were distributed in the community. Ten […]

Heather Stombaugh was on Blog Talk Ra...

Heather Stombaugh was on Blog Talk Radio

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