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Monthly archives for December, 2012

Do you hear what I hear? What are you...

As grant writers, we are all familiar with the importance of presenting data as a part of making our case for support. Having sound methods in place to collect and report our program data is critical to communicating our successes and securing future funding. But how often do we actually use program data beyond just […]

Gifts are not a Given

Thanks to all who responded to my questions last week: We’re hoping you would never lie to earn grant money, but would you ever refuse a gift from a funder? Why or why not? Or, is it not that black and white? What would you do? Your answers ranged from “Of course not!” to “We take […]

What Would You Do?

It’s a crazy world out there, and the nonprofit realm is no exception. From folks refusing gifts to people twisting the truth to receive them, we never know what to expect. Here are a few stories that have landed on our desks this week: What do you think about these stories? We’re hoping […]

You Got the Grant! What Happens Next?

Congratulations! Your funding request has been granted! As most experienced grant writers can attest, the euphoric feeling you get when you read a grant award letter fades quickly as you realize the real work is just beginning. With funds secured, now the task of implementing the project, collecting data, and planning for reports begins. So, […]

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