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Yes, You Can Become A Pre-Selected Or...

As grant writers, we have probably all felt some disappointment when we run across the phrase “gives to pre-selected organizations only” or “does not accept unsolicited requests” in our prospecting research and have wondered how those designated organizations achieved their pre-selected status or if it is possible for our organizations to get support from that […]

Grant Prospecting Databases: What Wor...

Later this year, I am scheduled to write an article for CharityChannel on the utility of grant prospecting databases. This came about through a discussion with someone at CharityChannel (as well as any number of conversations I–like many of you–have had over the years) about the best tools to use, the utility of the tools available, […]

Marketing: it’s not about you

Like many of you, I am frequently thinking about marketing and communications—they tend to be intertwined with all of our other work activities. I recently read David Sena’s blog Is your Nonprofit Marketing on Auto Pilot?, which made me think about marketing and communications even more. I think one of the top ways to put […]

Our Top 10 Blogs For 2012

Happy New Year! 2012 was a great year for JustWrite Solutions, and we thank you for reading our weekly blogs. Below are our Top 10 blogs for 2012—we hope you’ll catch up with any of the postings you missed. We enjoy writing about topics we think are critical in the nonprofit world, and we especially […]

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