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How and Where to get Youth Support

In my blog “Calling All Members of Generation Y: Nonprofits Need You!” and my blog “Nonprofits Still Need You Gen Yers/Millennials!” I covered the importance of youth activity within your organization. In this installment, I will address where to find new members of your team and what do with them once you have piqued their […]

Tips for Getting Funded in a More Com...

A growing number of nonprofit organizations are reporting that they are stepping up their grant seeking efforts by submitting more applications to more grant makers each year. In 2012, more than two-thirds of grant making foundations in the U.S. reported receiving an increase in the number of requests for grants than they had in 2011. […]

Grammar can be Fun!

Anyone who writes for a living knows that the technical aspect of writing can be a pain in the neck. The English language has a lot of rules to follow, and there are many opinions about how to adhere to those rules. Can you end a sentence with a preposition? Is it really a crime […]

Grant Prospecting Survey: Win an Amaz...

Do you have five minutes? I’d love to hear your thoughts about grant prospecting databases. Your expert opinion–combined with others in our field–will provide all of us with new information about… How frequently grant professionals use grant prospecting databases Which databases people use most often and why How comfortable folks are using databases Prospecting training […]

Get Over Yourself

I am not normally a blunt person. Nor do many people consider me “mean” in any sort of way. With that being said, I write this next sentence with complete honesty and without any ill intent toward nonprofits, their staff, dedicated volunteers, and clients: Nonprofits around the country, you need to GET OVER YOURSELF. You […]

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