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Monthly archives for June, 2013

Professional Development on a Budget

I find it interesting that most of us expect our employers to provide professional development opportunities for us. While I do think it benefits any organization to help its employees grow and learn, let’s be realistic, sometimes there is no budget for it. Nowhere is this truer than in the world of nonprofits. And unfortunately, […]

Four Hints to Help you ‘Come Ba...

Summer has officially arrived! If you’re lucky, that means a vacation might be in your future. Regardless if you receive paid vacation from your job or not, taking some time away from work can have a very positive effect on your work output. Escaping from the daily grind to simply enjoy the day is the best […]

Drucker on my Mind

Perhaps it’s because I’m working on my MBA, but Peter Drucker is on my mind a lot these days. In particular, I keep going back to this quote by Drucker: “Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.” I agree. Analysis and planning are important but should be finite with a […]

It’s up to you: Set the Exampl...

Every week….no, no…..every DAY I see blogs, listserv threads, articles, etc. lamenting the state of nonprofit boards.  Why aren’t board members engaged? Why don’t they make substantial gifts to the organization? Why don’t they attend meetings? Every nonprofit organization has its own unique set of problems and players and there simply isn’t an easy, catch-all […]

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