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Have you given 110% lately? Are you thinking outside the box or did you reinvent the wheel? If you’re “touching base,” and offering up some “give and take,” you’re probably overdosing on business jargon. It’s bad enough that we sometimes slip an old cliché, like, “good as gold,” into our writing. Now we’ve created a […]

What happens when the “sure thing” is...

All of us who seek and attempt to secure funding for non-profit organizations are fully aware that there are no guarantees when it comes to funding. I have heard many stories, and have experienced this myself, how projections and development plans cannot always account for a large funder declining renewal support. The rejection can sting, […]

How to be your own Best Proofreader

I was recently checking a math homework paper, completed in about two minutes by my seven-year old daughter. Math is her favorite subject and she excels at it, but she had made several silly mistakes because she was in a hurry. As I chastised her and reminded her to take her time and check her […]

Football and Grant Seeking–Not ...

It is finally here, football season. Whether you are a high school, college, or NFL fan, it is an exciting time of year. I make sure to take time out of my busy schedule to watch Ohio State play and watch the Browns attempt to play (diehard fan for the rest of my life, do […]

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