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Cultivation: Are You Skipping The Mos...

There are many methods to raise funds for a nonprofit, but every avenue begins with cultivation—it is simply the foundation upon which the “ask” rests. For quite a while, the grants world was somehow perceived as separate from development. I’m not sure why, because many of the fundamentals are the same—such as cultivation. A major […]

May I Ask You A Question?

I never had a college class in how to interview people, but took plenty of courses in newswriting, marketing, and grant writing. I think that’s a huge disservice to every budding writer or communicator. You can’t write great things without great information. Interviewing is an art. There are ways to ask questions, to listen, to […]

We Love You Funders . . . But We Need...

This is our first blog in a new and exciting partnership – a Linky Party – with esteemed grant writers from across the country, including Jana Jane Hexter, Diane Leonard, Jo Miller, and Mark Whitacre. Click on the links throughout this article to read their fascinating and educational perspectives on this subject. Look for more […]

Communication Overload!

I, like many people out there, feel completely overwhelmed with the amount of communication coming my way. With four separate email accounts, two phones (with voicemails), daily texts, and work communications, I tend to lose track of a few communications each week. Nothing infuriates me more than botched communication, especially when it is entirely my […]

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