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Monthly archives for March, 2014

What’s Your Type?

The adage “know thy audience” has a new cousin: “know thy font.” We now have thousands of typefaces to choose from, and, I believe, too many people who still live by the adage that “more is better.” “Less is more” remains my go-to-philosophy for everything except dessert. I will date myself here, but I remember […]

Measuring Performance at OMB—What’s t...

Performance measurement is a term used abundantly in grant circles to primarily discuss assessment of a grantee’s programs. Federal agencies and other grantors are focused on evaluation and assessment as a means to distinguish high risk grantees (i.e. those without strong internal controls or evaluation process) vs. those who are low risk grantees (i.e. those […]

What’s The Worst That Could Hap...

You have a quickly approaching deadline with no time to spare on the application procedure. The day it is due you start your computer and… informs you you have an error and can no longer run Windows. These are the types of things that frighten myself and people like myself, those who live their work […]

How Does Your Grant Garden Grow?

Most of us are dreaming of spring. I personally cannot wait to get my hands dirty as I plant seeds and prepare for the growing season. But I don’t just stick seeds in the dirt and expect them to magically grow into delicious vegetables the next day—it takes a lot of care to produce beautiful […]

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