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Monthly archives for September, 2014

Ethical Alignment: Due Diligence and ...

Sometimes reading the news makes me tired. Just last week, the NPQ’s Rick Cohen reported on Felonious Philanthropy and the Corporate Rap Sheet. We’ve talked about this before, the idea that we should consider seriously how our alignment with corporate partners will be perceived by stakeholders. Should you go after that grant from the tobacco […]

Get To Know: Diabetes Youth Services

Welcome to the first installment of our “Get To Know” series, where we will periodically feature one of our terrific clients. We’re proud to work with our clients, and we want to share their good works with you. First up is Diabetes Youth Services (DYS). Located in Toledo, Ohio, DYS’ mission is “teaching local children […]

5 Tips for Effective, Efficient, and ...

Cold calls, while easier for some, are still considered one of the more difficult and dreaded pieces of the grants process. Here are just a few reminders to help make those calls more efficient, effective, and easier overall: 1. Research the grantmaker prior to the call. We have repeated this again and again. Make sure […]

Don’t Overlook County Governmen...

“County” is an odd word, when you think about it. It references a feudal system where a certain amount of land was under the control of a Count or Countess, members of the nobility. This same system identified the larger Dukedoms (controlled by a Duke or Duchess) and the smaller Baronies (controlled by a Baron […]

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