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Monthly archives for April, 2016

Is Your Writing Ethical?

Most of us are extremely judgmental about high profile people who act unethically—college coaches, politicians, billionaire business professionals, etc. We also shake our heads in disgust at the people we read about in our local newspapers—people who seem like us but who are caught embezzling from their employer. So what kind of standard do we […]

It’s Not About You

True story: Last year, I reviewed a federal proposal that was written as a screenplay. While interesting (if only because I was curious as to why someone thought that was appropriate), the writer completely missed the point. The application was for a health grant, and it did not score well. Throughout the review, everyone wondered […]

How to Become a Pre-Selected Organiza...

Spring is in the air, and as a gardener, I could not be more delighted. I can’t wait to get my hands dirty this weekend. But just as you wouldn’t just throw a tomato plant in the garden and expect it to grow with no supports, you can’t just throw a proposal at a foundation […]

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