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Monthly archives for December, 2016

Bringing Hope to Homeless Women and C...

Today we are proud to feature the work of the Aurora Project  Homelessness in itself is one of the most challenging problems an individual can face. But when you add children to the mix, the problem is compounded in even more heartbreaking ways. Fortunately for women and children in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan […]

How Are We Doing? Surveying Client Sa...

Today’s blog is by Justwrite Solutions Associate Carolyn Caldwell, GPC. Within a contract with a client, many unknowns exist. No matter how tightly written a contract may be, assumptions still exist. A contract is still an act of faith, with either party having several “soft” notions about what they will do, and how they will […]

Make it Personal

Thank you to Michelle Jimenez, Senior Consultant at HUB Philanthropic Solutions for today’s post. When new members join nonprofit Boards, one of the first things we ask of them is to identify friends, family and work colleagues with the hope of expanding our donor base, right? But do their contacts really develop into the active supporters […]

A Newcomer’s Perspective on Grant Wri...

Today’s blog is by JWS Associate Anna Kakos. There is a beautiful lily pond in my neighborhood that is within walking distance from Lake Michigan. The pond is now frozen and covered with ice and snow, but it’s the perfect, tranquil place to collect your thoughts on a quiet day. Originally constructed in the 1930’s, […]

Best Friends

Today’s pet post is by our own Heather Stombaugh.  Enjoy!Hello, my name is Heather. If lost, return to Lucy (Maltese/Japanese Chin mix), Trixie (Boston terrier), Jax and his sister Noel (English bulldog puppies), Flower Kitty Sunshine (rescue cat), Ju Ju (the rescue Holland lop rabbit), eight chickens (varying heritage breeds), and five ducks (rescue Pekins). […]

Data vs. Intuition–which is dri...

Thanks to JWS Associate Scott W. Herr, PhD,  for today’s blog. Evidence and data are essential tools for your success in writing proposals. For projects to be successful in the long term the data that is collected must be objective. While most people would say the evidence they present to support their need is objective, it’s very […]

Inside Cherry Street Mission Ministri...

JustWrite Solutions is proud to work with many nonprofits that do extraordinary work around the country. We’d like to share their work with you and let you know how proud we are to be a small part of their outstanding efforts. Here is Cherry Street Mission Ministries at a glance: Cherry Street Mission Ministries (CSMM) […]

What Will Happen if You Don’t G...

Today’s blog is by Lisa M. Sihvonen-Binder, MS NMP I teach the 8-week online Grant Writing for Corporations and Foundations course for a local university in my area. Each year, students struggle with developing a strong case for why funding is needed. We read several texts in the course and look at many examples of need […]

A New Twist to a Holiday Classic

Thanks to Barb Wilson, Owner of SM3, for today’s timely blog.  On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…Wait a minute! We all know how the traditional 12 Days of Christmas goes. So let’s add a social media twist to it this season! Sing it with me… On the first day […]

Big Enough: Does your Grant Waist Siz...

Today’s blog is by JWS Associate Danny Blitch, MPA, GPC. Go Big or Go Home! “Go Big or Go Home!” is a fallacy statement for life, as well as, for grant development. The adage implies, if your grant request amount isn’t for big bucks, then you might as well curl up into a ball and stay […]

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