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Best Friends

Today’s pet blog is by JWS Associate Becky Jascoviak. My name is Becky. If lost, return to rescues Sally (grey with white nose and belly) and Spirit (tiger striped). You can tell I’m a pet owner because the dining room chairs are more often used as a fireplace gate than for dining. The funniest thing Sally […]

Let’s Try Something New

I am headed to another fundraiser this weekend and although I’ve volunteered my services for this one, I’m afraid dinners and silent auctions are getting old for me. Granted there are some new pieces to the event, but like others I’ve attended, many of the events have become formulaic. Peruse some nice items attractively wrapped, […]

Seasoned and Green

Thanks to Susan Bottum Matejka, Vice President, HUB Philanthropic Solutions for today’s blog. Is your current Board comprised of established members – constituents who have been a part of your organization for a decade or longer?  Over the past few weeks, I have found myself in conversation with several non-profit leaders where this topic has been […]

Ready to Learn Something New?

JWS Principal Consultant Heather Stombaugh, MBA, CFRE, GPC, is presenting several webinars in the coming weeks that are ideal for inspiring new ways to approach grant writing and fundraising. Check out her upcoming webinars: How to Create & Use a Nonprofit Dashboard: A Step by Step Guide Thursday, March 30 at 3 PM – 6 PM How to […]

To Ask or Not To Ask – That is the Qu...

Thank you to JWS Associate Becky Jascoviak for today’s blog. We recently completed a major fundraising gala, the largest in our organization’s history – a full 20% increase over last year! We immediately thanked the donors who gave so generously, the volunteers who gave their time, and the sponsors that allowed us to realize a large […]

Dairy Drivers and the Oxford Comma

Are you a proponent or opponent of the Oxford comma? Few things in the world of grammar have incited such vigorous debates. The Oxford comma debate falls neatly into two camps. You use it with glee, glory, and gusto. You avoid it like the plaque, pilates and passive sentences.  (See what we did there?) One […]

Proposed Budget Cuts: What Will Remai...

A sweeping set of proposed budget cuts by the Trump administration could severely impact a large number of federal departments and agencies, many closely aligned with the work of nonprofits. The administration’s preliminary 2018 budget proposal, released today, proposes cutting the budget of the Education Department by 14%, including slashing $3.7 billion in grants for teacher training, after-school […]

Multi-Directional Managing

Thank you to Steven Murphy, Ed.D., Senior Advisor, HUB Philanthropic Solutions for today’s post. After a career of 45 years, I’ve earned the title “Senior” Advisor.  But the truth is, like most employed people, I’ve spent my entire career somewhere in the middle of the management structure.  Think about it.  No matter where you are in […]

Goodbye, Becki Shawver

Today’s post comes on a sad note. The grants profession and many colleagues lost a wonderful friend and professional. Our sympathy to Becki Shawver’s family and all who knew her. We are re-posting this tribute to Becki from Stephen Nill to his CharityChannel colleagues. By Stephen Nill Dear CharityChannel colleagues: I am saddened to report […]

Output or Outcome?

In today’s blog JWS Associate Scott Herr, PhD,  revisits the “Is it an outcome or output?” dilemma grant writers often face. In drafting a final report to a grant funder, the program manager for a household financial education program that teaches low-income households how to become more financially stable boasted that the program was successful, […]

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