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Make Your Case: 3 Fundamentals of Wri...

Check out this great advice on creating a Case for Support from JWS founder and Principal Consultant Heather Stombaugh, MBA, CFRE, GPC. This blog comes from another great site:  A link to Heather’s next live, premium webinar, How to Create a Case for Support, follows this blog. How do you sell your story? You know […]

The Art of Infographics

By Lora Ollum, Consultant, JustWrite Solutions, LLC By definition, infographics are a visual representation of an idea or data, a.k.a. a chart or diagram. Nothing new, right? Yet, in the past few years, we have been hearing the term infographic more and more. It certainly sounds cooler than bar chart. Infographics can turn a page […]

Holiday Donor Recognition Made Easy

‘Tis better to give than to receive. Our donors provide us with so many meaningful investments throughout the year. The holiday season seems an appropriate time to thank them. First, we know we should thank our donors throughout the year in a thoughtful, timely way. Timing truly is everything, and if I receive a thank […]

What’s Your Type?

The adage “know thy audience” has a new cousin: “know thy font.” We now have thousands of typefaces to choose from, and, I believe, too many people who still live by the adage that “more is better.” “Less is more” remains my go-to-philosophy for everything except dessert. I will date myself here, but I remember […]

Pain-free Publications

Strategies and tactics in communications change, but print publications continue to be a critical resource in the nonprofit toolbox. In my experience, publications also can cause a lot of stress. Many of those frustrations are avoidable. Below are tips when working with your communication team, whether they’re in-house, consultants, or freelancers. 1.  Allow adequate time […]

Why You Should Jump on the Infographi...

Photo courtesy of You’ve probably heard a lot about infographics by now. You’re either using them or you’re still trying to figure out what the heck they are. Let me assure you, infographics are hot, but I predict they are not a passing trend. Infographics are defined as graphic visual representations of information, data, […]

3 (Easy) Things to Remember for your ...

With the end of the year quickly approaching, and the Holidays already upon us (I hope everyone had a delicious, safe, and happy Thanksgiving), it is time to ramp up your Holiday giving campaign. If you have not already started, I suggest reading the latest blog from Ericka Kurtz (Holiday Mailings: Don’t Make Them Difficult) […]

Holiday Mailings: Don’t Make Th...

The holiday season is upon us and whether we like it or not, the rest of the year is a mad dash to complete projects and secure year-end gifts. Many nonprofit organizations use this time of year to wish people well and also to appeal for one last donation. This too, can be more complicated […]

Direct Mail and Asking for Money: How...

Picture it: you receive a thank you from your favorite nonprofit. It’s a small token of their appreciation—perhaps a calendar—to show gratitude for your most recent donation. And inside is a remittance envelope, asking you for even more money. I suppose you would have one of three reactions to this: You don’t even notice. You […]

Time-Saving Strategies for Developing...

Time-Saving Strategies for Developing Grant Proposals

Have you ever missed out on a funding opportunity or had to decide to pursue one grant over another because you did not have enough time to prepare a well-written proposal?   If you are the sole grant writer for an organization, then odds are high that you have experienced these frustrations and possibly the […]

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