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Are You a One Man Band?

Thanks to Michelle Jimenez, Senior Consultant, HUB Philanthropic Solutions, for today’s blog. If you’re like me, this time of year can feel overwhelming. Many of us in Development are serving as “one man bands” with responsibilities for soliciting gifts, acknowledging them, visiting with donors and many other daily activities.  We morph from Major Gift officer to […]

It Was the Best of Times; It Was the ...

Thanks to JWS Associate Lisa Ovenden for today’s blog. Raising money in in economic and political hard times is something those of us in “the development business” have been dealing with for many years. And, of late, political and economic landmines are cropping up everywhere, especially on social media. Wouldn’t it be nice to go […]

Rural Communities and Small Towns Can...

Thanks to JWS Associate Lisa Ovenden for today’s blog. JustWrite Solutions has had the privilege of partnering with many small, rural non-profit and community organizations over the past several years. Through those experiences, we have come to the realization that yes, “small towns are different”, especially when it comes to fundraising! Several of us on […]

Time for a Change

Today’s blog is courtesy of Susan Bottum Matejka, Vice President, HUB Philanthropic Solutions. A few of my clients are in the process of reevaluating their major fundraising events, an exercise I think can be very beneficial, especially if it is approached in the right way and with the right spirit.  If your fundraising events are […]

2017 Fundraising Effectiveness Projec...

How did nonprofits fare in fundraising in 2016? You can get all of the results of the 2017 Fundraising Effectiveness Survey Report here. According to the Fundraising Effectiveness Survey: “The basic concept of the Fundraising Effectiveness Survey is that growth in giving from one year to the next is the net of gains minus losses. […]

Engaging the New Philanthropists

Thank you to JWS Senior Consultant Lisa M. Sihvonen-Binder, MS NMP, for today’s blog. Millennials. It’s a term we hear a lot on the news, see on social media, and read about in professional publications. Studies show that older generations (Baby Boomers, Gen Xers) get frustrated when trying to interact with them. Who are they? […]

Be Interested

Today’s post is by by: David Gee, Associate Vice President, HUB Philanthropic Solutions. When my wife and I first found out we were going to become parents, I started collecting quotes and bits of advice that I wanted to share with our children as they grew up. Some are obvious, some silly and still others likely won’t […]

Let’s Try Something New

I am headed to another fundraiser this weekend and although I’ve volunteered my services for this one, I’m afraid dinners and silent auctions are getting old for me. Granted there are some new pieces to the event, but like others I’ve attended, many of the events have become formulaic. Peruse some nice items attractively wrapped, […]

To Ask or Not To Ask – That is the Qu...

Thank you to JWS Associate Becky Jascoviak for today’s blog. We recently completed a major fundraising gala, the largest in our organization’s history – a full 20% increase over last year! We immediately thanked the donors who gave so generously, the volunteers who gave their time, and the sponsors that allowed us to realize a large […]

Enough about me, what do you think ab...

Thanks to Michelle Jimenez, Senior Consultant, HUB Philanthropic Solutions, for today’s timely blog. That may be Bette Midler’s most memorable line from the movie Beaches.  I hope the sentiment makes you smile, but I would encourage you to think about how her egocentric character can make your holiday appeal stronger this year. This may sound a little crazy, […]

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