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Win More Grants: Get Your Politics in...

Today’s blog is by JWS Associate Danny Blitch, MPA, GPC. Development professionals, including grant writers, and fundraisers know there’s more to winning grants than excellent prose.  We sometimes refer to it as “grant luck” however, it can also be summed up as “The Politics” of our agency or client organizations. Often due to no fault […]

Finding the Silver Lining in a “...

Thanks to Ericka Kurtz, MBA, JWS Consultant, for today’s blog. When we are hopeful for a “yes,” the word “no” can feel like a setback. As grant writers, we sometimes experience “no” in various ways—from polite declines, to brusque refusals, to no responses at all. But if we’re cultivating and stewarding our grant funders correctly, […]

A Newcomer’s Perspective on Grant Wri...

Today’s blog is by JWS Associate Anna Kakos. There is a beautiful lily pond in my neighborhood that is within walking distance from Lake Michigan. The pond is now frozen and covered with ice and snow, but it’s the perfect, tranquil place to collect your thoughts on a quiet day. Originally constructed in the 1930’s, […]

Craft Your Strategy

Here is the latest blog from Heather’s upcoming book, In the Trenches: Grantsmanship. Your grant seeking strategy should be evaluated and updated regularly to reflect the changing dynamics of your agency’s programs (at least on an annual basis as part of planning for the next year). Capital funding is needed for: Capital projects Program projects […]

Identify Best Fit Funders

Here is the latest blog from Heather’s upcoming book, In the Trenches: Grantsmanship. Let’s begin with a few questions.  How well do you know yourself? What are your organization’s needs? Can you identify trends in grant making? Do your priorities match the priorities of prospective funders? Geography Areas of concern Types of support Similar projects […]

Where to Find Funding Opportunities

Here is the latest blog from Heather’s upcoming book, In the Trenches: Grantsmanship.  As a recap from Chapter 2, grant revenue derives from private philanthropy (family foundations, independent private foundations, corporate foundations, and community foundations) and government sources.  There are three types of government grants: federal, state, and local. There are several resources that will […]

Think Like a Funder

Enjoy this latest excerpt from Heather Stombaugh’s upcoming book: In the Trenches: The Holy Grail of Grant Writing. Think like a Funder What are the odds of being funded in a competitive grant making process? To be more competitive, you need to think like the funder thinks and deliver a proposal that speaks to them […]

Got the Grant: Now for the Accounting

  Many thanks to our guest blogger today: Jay Janssen. Jay is a grants accountant and a past board treasurer of the  the Grant Professionals Foundation. For many non-profit organizations, the accounting of grant funds from a donor is an unpleasant chore and altogether unappealing aspect of doing business. The euphoria of winning and receiving grant […]

The Message Behind One Billion Dollar...

Special thanks to George Rattin, Associate Vice President, HUB Philanthropic Solutions, for today’s blog. Every year the researchers at the the Lily Family School of Philanthropy (IUPUI),the Giving Institute, and Giving USA pull together the annual Giving USA report.  I for one, like may of you I imagine, wait anxiously to read the tale of the […]

The Holy Grail of Grant Writing (exce...

Enjoy this excerpt on sustainability from Heather’s book: In the Trenches: Grantsmanship. Chapter 11: Why is sustainability so important? For the most part, grant makers do not want the success of an ongoing project to depend entirely on whether or not they provide ongoing funding support. Grant makers want to invest in the impact of […]

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