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Are You Remaining Curious?

Thanks to Tim Kennedy, Associate Vice President, HUB Philanthropic Solutions, for today’s blog. Recently, the founder of one of the world’s largest Public Relations firms in the world passed away. Al Golin, (the name of the firm that still bears his name) died at the age of 87 years after 60 years in the business and […]

Are You Loyal to Your Loyal Donors?

Thank you to  Steven Murphy, Ed.D., Senior Advisor, HUB Philanthropic Solutions, for today’s blog on some best practices for retaining loyal donors. I’ve been a loyal donor to a several organizations in my lifetime.  By “loyal donor” I mean this:  I’ve contributed to these organizations regularly over a number of years, to the point where my […]

One step at a time

Thanks to Susan Bottum Matejka, Vice President, at Hub Philanthropic Solutions for this insightful blog. The new administration has left many feeling surprised, overwhelmed and at times, helpless.  “What can I do given these swift changes?”  “How can I make a difference?”  “What is coming next?”  I have found myself contemplating this often over the past few weeks […]

Auditing Your Mission

Thanks to Steven Murphy, Ed.D., Senior Advisor, HUB Philanthropic Solutions, for today’s blog. Fundraisers are accustomed to the annual ritual of the Development Audit.  Accountants and development professionals dialogue in order to reconcile how gifts are recorded, acknowledged, and disbursed. But when was the last time you did a Mission Audit?  It is just as critical to the long-term […]

The Human Touch

Thanks to Tim Kennedy, Associate Vice President, HUB Philanthropic Solutions, for today’s blog.         Recently, I had to purchase a new phone. The battery was shot, I had limited storage capacity and the service was spotty most of the time. While I was upgrading to a new version and getting a more “robust” […]

Make it Personal

Thank you to Michelle Jimenez, Senior Consultant at HUB Philanthropic Solutions for today’s post. When new members join nonprofit Boards, one of the first things we ask of them is to identify friends, family and work colleagues with the hope of expanding our donor base, right? But do their contacts really develop into the active supporters […]

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