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JWS Leader Named to NANOE Board of Go...

Congratulations to JWS  Principal Consultant Heather Stombaugh  MBA, CFRE, GPC! She was named to the Board of Governors for the National Association of Nonprofit Organizations and Executives (NANOE). Here is the official release: The National Association of Nonprofit Organizations and Executives (NANOE) is pleased to announce the appointment of Heather Stombaugh to NANOE’s prestigious 2018 Board […]

Partnership Boards: Effective Vehicle...

Thanks to Steven Murphy, Ed.D., Senior Advisor, HUB Philanthropic Solutions, for today’s blog. I’ve recently been helping a non-profit organization that wisely decided to form regional partnership boards to strengthen awareness and support for their mission.  It has given me ample opportunity to reflect on the characteristics of effective partnership boards and when they make the […]

The One Leadership Trait That Will He...

Today’s blog is by JWS Associate Micki Vandeloo, GPC. Think about the grant writing process for a minute.  Once your organization identifies an opportunity to get grant funding, what happens?  In all likelihood, someone (the development director or grant writer) reviews it to make sure it with a current or future program.  If this is […]

Are you “tough as nails” or “soft as ...

Today’s guest post is by: Michelle Jimenez, Senior Consultant HUB Philanthropic Solutions. As a CEO, or Executive Director, how would others describe you? Charismatic…pushy…a visionary? What would your donors and staff say about you? I’ve worked with many nonprofit leaders. A few have fallen into one of two distinct camps: Tough as nails or soft as cotton. So which […]

Seasoned and Green

Thanks to Susan Bottum Matejka, Vice President, HUB Philanthropic Solutions for today’s blog. Is your current Board comprised of established members – constituents who have been a part of your organization for a decade or longer?  Over the past few weeks, I have found myself in conversation with several non-profit leaders where this topic has been […]

Making an Impact

We are sharing some valuable resources regarding advocacy and nonprofits that we thought might be of interest to most organizations today. If you are looking for information on how to do thinks differently to create more social change for those you serve, take a look at the following e-book and online course. Laurel O’Sullivan, The Advocacy Collaborative, wrote […]

The Realities of Virtual Teams

  We don’t share an actual water cooler at JustWrite Solutions, but we still find ways to connect with our colleagues; we’re just a little more creative. And it appears we’re not alone. According to a 2012 study by the Society for Human Resource Management, almost half of the organizations polled used virtual teams. Thanks […]

Term Limits for Nonprofit Boards: Bes...

A special thanks to Molly Galo, Senior Consultant, HUB Philanthropic Solutions, for today’s blog. Nonprofit boards often ask us about “best practice” regarding term limits. Some wonder whether they’re required by law to institute them. Others simply want to know what policy is considered the gold standard. Truth be told, there is no law, nor […]

Elections and the Nonprofit Connectio...

In the midst of one of the most tumultuous election years ever, set the candidates and issues aside for a moment. Now, consider the lessons nonprofits can take from the election process. Angela Struebing, president of CDR Fundraising Group, reviews the most insightful methods that the tight, results-driven election industry employs and translates it into practices nonprofits […]

How to Do the Most Good for Altruisti...

Thanks to our guest blogger, Matthew Moses, CAP® of  the Pay It Forward Foundation for today’s blog. Effective altruism is a philosophy and social movement that applies evidence and reason to determine the most effective ways to improve the world. Effective altruists aim to consider all causes and actions, and then act in the way […]

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