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25 quotes by famous people if they ha...

Today’s post is courtesy of the site, Nonprofit and Fearless. Enjoy! Here’s a twist on some famous sayings, if the persons who said them had worked for a nonprofit. “When they go low, we go why the heck do we keep having silent auctions?” Michelle Obama. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. […]

Working in Nonprofits: No, It’s...

Today’s blog is by JWS Associate Anna Kakos. One of my previous jobs was working for a food science nonprofit. Each summer, our organization hosted an annual conference that gathered more than 16,000 food science professionals working in the food industry, academia, and government. It took my colleagues and I nearly a year to plan […]

Proposed Budget Cuts: What Will Remai...

A sweeping set of proposed budget cuts by the Trump administration could severely impact a large number of federal departments and agencies, many closely aligned with the work of nonprofits. The administration’s preliminary 2018 budget proposal, released today, proposes cutting the budget of the Education Department by 14%, including slashing $3.7 billion in grants for teacher training, after-school […]

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