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Nonprofit Tech Talk: Project Managem...

Today’s blog is by Zachary Stombaugh, MS, JWS Consultant. Previously, we discussed project management as a component of grants activities. In today’s Nonprofit Tech Talk, we’ll dive into some general guidelines for the different ways to manage projects, as well as a few tools you and your organization can use. So, what is project management (PM)? […]

Nonprofit Tech Talk: Online Surveys ...

Thanks to Zachary Stombaugh, MS, JWS Consultant, for this Nonprofit Tech Talk blog. Good outcomes management is a pretty big deal. In this round of Nonprofit Tech Talk, we’ll be discussing some tools your organization can use as part of its larger outcomes strategy. Before we get started, I highly recommend fellow JWS Consultant Scott […]

Nonprofit Tech Talk: Cloud Computing

Thanks to JWS Consultant Zachary Stombaugh, MS, for today’s insightful blog on Cloud Computing. The term “cloud computing” has been thrown around a lot over the last few years. It’s amazing technology, but most people don’t quite understand what it really is. So, that begs the question: What is the Cloud? Well, much like the Internet […]

Nonprofit Tech Talk: Social Media Le...

Today’s blog is by JWS Consultant Zachary Stombaugh, MS. With the passing of the new year, we’d like to remark on some of the larger social media trends that may affect nonprofits moving into 2017 (and beyond). Social Media is more important than ever. Forrester reported an increase of 10% in consumer social interaction with brands. […]

Nonprofit Tech Talk: Cybersecurity

Today’s timely post is by JustWrite Solutions Consultant Zachary Stombaugh, MS. The Internet can be a scary place. More and more often, there are news reports of privacy breaches and password leaks. And given the pervasiveness of today’s technology in everyday life, it is important to step back from time to time to evaluate your […]

Nonprofit Tech Talk: Reducing Waste,...

By Zachary Stombaugh, MS, Consultant The Information Age. Today, we are experiencing a remarkable shift in the way information is stored, shared, and used. This provokes feelings of awe, but also of worry. In the world of nonprofits, technology is evolving the field—particularly in social media. Even so, many organizations are reluctant to adapt. Understandably, keeping […]

Is It Time To Upgrade That Old Comput...

Last Friday I said goodbye to a friend of mine that has been my trusted companion for the last decade. I am not (thankfully) speaking about a person, but my old Dell laptop. I decided it was time to let it retire in style, and upgraded myself with a new computer built by Rock Computer […]

What’s The Worst That Could Hap...

You have a quickly approaching deadline with no time to spare on the application procedure. The day it is due you start your computer and… informs you you have an error and can no longer run Windows. These are the types of things that frighten myself and people like myself, those who live their work […]

To Upgrade or not to Upgrade?

Many nonprofits create their limited budget often without considering the very machine upon which the budget is calculated. Nonprofit offices need to be as efficient and organized as any for-profit company, but often don’t realize how important efficiency is regarding the computer equipment they use every day. From towers to monitors to printers, much of […]

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