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How to Write Good

Because it’s Friday… And because those who work in communications will get this. Avoid Alliteration. Always Prepositions are not words to end sentences with. Avoid clichés like the plaque. They’re old hat. Comparisons are as bad as clichés. Be more or less specific. Writers should never generalize. Seven. Be consistent! Don’t be redundant; don’t use […]

Dairy Drivers and the Oxford Comma

Are you a proponent or opponent of the Oxford comma? Few things in the world of grammar have incited such vigorous debates. The Oxford comma debate falls neatly into two camps. You use it with glee, glory, and gusto. You avoid it like the plaque, pilates and passive sentences.  (See what we did there?) One […]

Are those your words?

Today’s blog is by Lora Ollum, Consultant at JustWrite Solutions, LLC. Plagiarism is a big deal. In fact, there is an entire organization dedicated to defining and explaining how to avoid it. From the experts at, “plagiarism is the use of another’s original words or ideas as though they were your own. Any time […]

The Impact of Lazy Writing

We seem to have entered a new era of laziness in grammar and language usage. I’m not sure who or what is to blame, and I fall into the trap of slovenly language myself sometimes. It could be the growing use of abbreviations in texting and emails, the character limits on twitter, the incredible number of […]

Don’t Let the Dog Days Affect y...

Some things are worth repeating. Including some of our JWS blogs. Here’s one from a few years ago by JWS senior consultant, Ericka Kurtz, with some advice on how to keep your writing fresh. Ah, the Dog Days of Summer are upon us. Though this summer in Northwest Ohio has been beautiful, I’m sure we […]

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