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Client Spotlight: Life Adventure Center of the Bluegrass

Thanks to JWS Consultant Lora Ollom for today’s client spotlight on Life Adventure Center.

Life Adventure Center (LAC) is an adventure based educational non-profit that uses hands-on learning in a natural setting. Simply put, Life Adventure Center changes lives through carefully crafted, guided outdoor adventure challenges. LAC programs build resiliency, communication, teamwork, and leadership skills through professionally supervised outdoor challenges and shared reflection opportunities.

Located in the heart of Kentucky’s Bluegrass region, gentle rolling hills and wooded areas complement their unique outdoor programs that help veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress begin to heal, military families to reconnect, female victims of human trafficking to build confidence, and vulnerable youth to build resilience.

More than just recreational fun, LAC applies evidenced-based theories of experiential learning, child development, psychology, neuro-plasticity, sociology, and group dynamics to achieve measurable personal growth with a speed and impact unavailable through traditional methods. Powerful lessons learned during the innovative outdoor adventures extrapolate to clients’ everyday life through a process called “debriefing.” LAC provides their life-changing programs at no cost to disabled veterans, at-risk youth, and other disadvantaged populations.

Established in 1975 as the Life Adventure Camp, they merged with The Cleveland Home, a residential facility in Versailles, in 2001. They moved to their current location in 2006, 949 acres that make up the Versailles facility and the Buckley Wildlife Sanctuary, and became Life Adventure Center. Core programs include a Challenge Course, Equestrian, Environmental Education, Summer Camps, and Warrior Adventure Program.

You can learn more about their mission at

Meditative labyrinth at LAC

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