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The Cultivation Arc in Proposal Devel...

The Cultivation Arc in Proposal Development

Why are some organizations so successful at securing new grants while yours struggles every year? We believe more than 50% of effort to secure grant funds should be—must be—invested in grant maker cultivation.   What is grant maker cultivation? Simply put, it is the process of corresponding with your targeted grant maker to “grow” their […]

Time-Saving Strategies for Developing...

Time-Saving Strategies for Developing Grant Proposals

Have you ever missed out on a funding opportunity or had to decide to pursue one grant over another because you did not have enough time to prepare a well-written proposal?   If you are the sole grant writer for an organization, then odds are high that you have experienced these frustrations and possibly the […]

A Federal Grant Reviewer’s Perspectiv...

A Federal Grant Reviewer’s Perspective on Presenting Your Needs Section

  While the needs section of a federal grant application varies between departments and programs and in its value relative to the total score, the presentation of information in this section is critical in establishing the framework for a winning proposal. By taking into consideration a few key points about the peer review process, you […]

Social Media and Its Relationship to ...

Social Media and Its Relationship to Nonprofits & Grants

Social media is a ubiquitous part of life in the second decade of the 21st century. Twitter (, Facebook (, LinkedIn (, Groupon (, Crowdrise ( –many of us use these sites daily (more often for people who tweet). We use these sites for personal purposes, so what is holding us back from using them […]

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