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Is Your Writing Ethical?

Most of us are extremely judgmental about high profile people who act unethically—college coaches, politicians, billionaire business professionals, etc. We also shake our heads in disgust at the people we read about in our local newspapers—people who seem like us but who are caught embezzling from their employer. So what kind of standard do we […]

Nonprofits Still Need You Gen Yers/Mi...

In my blog dated May 25, 2012, “Calling All Members of Generation Y: Nonprofits Need You!,” I put a call out to 20-somethings to get involved in local nonprofits and make a difference in their communities. I hope by now you have all heeded my advice and have joined a nonprofit as a volunteer or […]

Six Sure-fire Strategies to Develop C...

All indications are that competition for grant funds will continue to increase for the near future. For grant writers and nonprofit leaders, it can be helpful to be aware of essential components of proposals that grant makers find compelling so you can develop strategies to make your proposals more competitive.   Here are six strategies […]

Don’t Overlook Time and Talent

As advancement professionals, we’ve all heard about time, talent, and treasure. It’s what we encourage our donors to give to us. So why do we only take note of the treasure? Most nonprofit organizations publish annual reports, send newsletters, or otherwise recognize donors who give money. We say that gifts in-kind matter too, but we […]

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