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7 Possible Community Funders

Times are hard for fundraisers and funders alike. With rising costs, the shaky stock market, and staffing shortages, both are dealing with financial gaps they have not seen in the past. Add on to those problems the increased competiveness in fundraising and it is easy to see the difficulty in getting the funds you need […]

Pick up a Book

We need to read more. This is of course, not exactly a news flash. We’ve known for some time that people are reading less and they’re reading less well. You may recall this 2004 study from The National Endowment for the Arts. I continue to find this report both fascinating and troubling. Here are some […]

Dollars for Doers–Don’t O...

April is National Volunteer Month! We know that volunteering is critical for the health of any nonprofit, and however cliché, volunteering does make a difference. Though our culture dictates that we shouldn’t think of ourselves when volunteering, let’s be honest:  volunteering for a cause makes us feel good and it can be fun. The picture […]

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