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Monthly archives for October, 2013

To Upgrade or not to Upgrade?

Many nonprofits create their limited budget often without considering the very machine upon which the budget is calculated. Nonprofit offices need to be as efficient and organized as any for-profit company, but often don’t realize how important efficiency is regarding the computer equipment they use every day. From towers to monitors to printers, much of […]

Pain-free Publications

Strategies and tactics in communications change, but print publications continue to be a critical resource in the nonprofit toolbox. In my experience, publications also can cause a lot of stress. Many of those frustrations are avoidable. Below are tips when working with your communication team, whether they’re in-house, consultants, or freelancers. 1.  Allow adequate time […]

The Grind

With galas, donor meetings, luncheons, conferences, and everything else already happening in the last three months of the year, it seems the end of year giving campaign letter only adds to your worries. That is why right now is the time to start prepping the letters to send. Preparing them early will ease your already […]

Prospecting and Listservs: The Best ...

Listservs… may have a love/hate relationship with them. Hate because they can really clog your inbox, but love because there are so many wonderful nuggets of information to be found. At JustWrite Solutions, we used to have a combined list of more than 80 listservs that we followed for prospecting. While not all of us […]

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