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If Your Only Interest Is Work, You...

Passion. I think it’s an overused and misused word. But I appreciate the sentiment and I think in some instances, it’s a warranted word choice. I do believe I can describe the JustWrite Solutions team as passionate.  I think often about our team and what a group of smart (and delightfully weird) individuals we are. […]

Spring Renewal: Add Power & Prec...

Source:   Ah, the power of words. As grant writers, our job is to compel grant makers to serve as agents of social change (and sometimes social justice) in our communities. We do that by finding the right words that paint a clear picture—bring needs and solutions to life—for our reviewers. Our word choices […]

Nonprofit Essentials: Making Creativi...

It bothers me to hear people say they are not creative. Everyone can be creative in his or her own way, and as nonprofit professionals, I believe we should all work to find our imagination because creativity is critical to the future of nonprofits. Think about it. With time, most people can learn about and […]

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