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Overall charitable giving in 2015 was healthy and on the rise, according to the Giving USA 2016 Report. As a whole, charitable donations increased 4.1% for a total of $363.25 billion.

Recipients should be particularly grateful to individual donors who were responsible for 67% of the upswing in giving from 2014 to 2015. Total giving by individuals grew 3.8% in 2015 while foundation giving rose 6.5%, and bequests increased by 2.1%.

Corporate donations rose 3.9% in 2015 most likely in part the result of a 3.3% increase in corporate pre-tax profits and a 3.5% increase in the GDP.

In the decade spanning 2005 to 2015, total charitable giving rose by $80.82 billion in current dollars. The highest levels for giving occurred in 2014 and 2015 in current and inflation-adjusted dollars.

Nearly all the standard categories of recipients shared in the increased giving in 2015. For the past six years, education, public-society benefit, and environment/animals all enjoyed increased giving while in 2015, international affairs saw the largest percentage of increase giving at 17.5%.

The recipients and their percentage of the charitable pie in 2015 were:

  • Religion: 37%
  • Education: 15%
  • Human services: 12%
  • Gifts to foundations: 11%
  • Health: 8%
  • Public-society benefit: 7%
  • Arts, culture, and humanities: 5 %
  • International affairs: 4%
  • Environment/animals: 3%
  • Individuals: 2%
  • Unallocated: 1%

How do you think charitable giving will fare in 2017?

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