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Best Friends

Today’s post is Justwrite Solutions Consultant Lora Ollum.

My name is Lora. If lost, return to Solo (the softest black cat ever) and Kinser (our tortoiseshell cat, aka Kinsie). We got Solo from a shelter when he was a little fluff ball at 10 weeks old. Kinser was 1–2 years old when we got her from the same shelter, about two years later.

You can tell I’m a pet owner because, like so many others, I have pet fur on pretty much everything I own. With one black cat and one light beige, nothing hides it.


The funniest thing Kinser does is greet you when she comes around. When she jumps onto the couch, she lets out a little meow. When she comes into a room she looks around at everyone until someone speaks to her, then she meows a hello back.


My cats have taught me how truly individual each animal can be. Our cats are so different from each other. When we give them catnip, Solo runs to it and dives right in, rolling his entire body in it. Kinser walks to her to pile, sniffs it a few times, and rubs her face in it gently. We have to give each of them a pile because Solo does not share, at all. Solo is not a lap cat, he only will sit beside you, while Kinser always wants to sit on a lap.


We don’t buy them extravagant things. In addition to giving them catnip every once in a while, they get cat treats every night. It is the highlight of Solo’s day. As soon as we start to head upstairs to bed, he runs downstairs where their food is to wait for treats.


If Solo could talk, he would probably say something that would get him in trouble! He is very vocal, and it is so fun to “talk” to him and listen to his meows and squeaks. I think it is so neat that we can tell by the sound of the meow, which cat is making it. Over the years, we have come to recognize their moods by the sound of their meows.

Solo definitely acts as though our house is his and he is allowing us to stay here. He never really got over us adding another cat and eventually two kids to his home. He was our first baby and he knows it. Although in his old age, his gruff behavior is beginning to soften.


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