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Best Friends

Thanks to Alyssa August, JWS Associate, for this great blog about Chance and Fluke.

My name is Alyssa August.  If lost, return to Chance (the brindle Staffordshire Terrier) and Fluke (the blue/red American Pit Bull Terrier). Both boys are roughly eight years old, and they are almost exactly six months apart in age. We found Chance on a Craigslist posting shortly after New Year’s 2010. He was a tiny 13-week old puppy in a small trailer with seven humans. We found out a few days after bringing him home that he was abused by his previous owners. He was very underweight for his age and had bruised scleras from being beaten in the head multiple times (thankfully no permanent damage). Fluke was the puppy my husband always wanted. He had known Fluke’s dad since he was brought home by a friend at a few weeks old and wanted a dog just like him. Thankfully, the hubby got his wish, and we were able to pick out a sweet little silver puppy a few hours after he was born. Now they are the biggest 65 and 75 lbs cuddle-bugs you will ever meet.


You can tell I am a pet owner because there are nose prints all over our front windows. We have a large bay window in the living the boys love to look out of all day. Chance’s favorite spot to sit in on the back of the couch looking out the window at all the cars and people that go by.

The strangest thing the boys do is sleep on top of each other. Mainly Fluke sleeping on Chance. They sleep like this all the time, and they have since we brought Fluke home at six weeks old. The only difference now is Fluke is much larger and heavier.

My dogs have taught me that you cannot judge a book by its cover. Many people are afraid of “pit bulls” because of their “reputation” and look. Honestly, Chance and Fluke are the biggest pushovers you’d ever meet. If I take them to my parents’ house, they get bossed around by their teacup Chihuahua (no seriously they do). We have worked hard to ensure both boys came from good, gentle parents and were trained properly from the start. We have worked hard to develop two solid ambassadors for the breed. Regardless of this, the boys have also taught me that you cannot win over everyone; no matter how adorably sweet you stare at them.

The most extravagant thing I ever bought my pets is our home. We found a house with the most backyard we could get. Now the boys have a big yard to run off energy and sunbath in all summer long.

If my dogs could talk, they would probably say outside time or more bacon snacks!





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