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Today Justwrite Solutions is proud to spotlight a nonprofit organization we are honored to work with:  Hope House.

Poverty extends far beyond the individuals and families who are struggling to find a steady job and a safe place to live. Poverty impacts entire communities. That’s why Hope House works diligently not only to improve the health and well-being of impoverished people in Hancock County, OH, but also educates the community as a whole on the fundamental causes and stigmas of poverty.

The dedicated staff and volunteers at Hope House put a face to the problem, explaining the language, hidden rules, and economic classes associated with poverty. As result, a problem associated “with them,” becomes a more manageable challenge that a community can help solve.

Hope House offers the national Bridges Out of Poverty training program and their Getting Ahead program to “attack the problem at the source, covering both sides of the spectrum to combat poverty in our community on a personal level.”

The Bridges Out of Poverty training programs gives community leaders, businesses, churches, and employers an up-close look at the effects, causes, and solutions of poverty.

While Hope House is helping the community to understand the challenges of poverty, it works diligently to offer those in need with comprehensive programs. Each year, Hope House assists with securing safe and affordable housing for over 7,000 individuals. Its services include:

  • Housing Office – Helps individuals and families prevent homelessness through referral and advocacy.
  • Transitional Housing Shelter- Provides transitional support for homeless women and children.
  • Able Housing Program – Provides permanent supportive housing for individuals who are disabled and homeless.
  • Independence Program – Provides rental assistance and support for homeless individuals and families.
  • SSI/SSDI Program- Provides assistance in applying for Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability Insurance for homeless individuals.

We commend Hope House for digging deep—for looking beyond the problem and to the solution. For serving those suffering from poverty and for building compassionate, knowledgeable communities dedicated to creating opportunities and delivering hope to thousands of families in Hancock County.

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