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A Newcomer’s Perspective on Grant Writing

Today’s blog is by JWS Associate Anna Kakos.

There is a beautiful lily pond in my neighborhood that is within walking distance from Lake Michigan. The pond is now frozen and covered with ice and snow, but it’s the perfect, tranquil place to collect your thoughts on a quiet day. Originally constructed in the 1930’s, the lily pond remains a prominent feature in my neighborhood due to the generosity from conservation grants. It’s a wonderful example of what effective grant writing can achieve.

As someone with a background in fundraising and event planning and relatively new to grant writing, here are some tips I have found to be helpful:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask your colleagues questions about the organization you are seeking funding for
  • Research everything you can find about the potential funder
  • What types of organizations have they supported in the past?
  • Specific funding guidelines
  • Application deadlines

Become familiar with grant writing acronyms such as:

  • LOI: Letter of Inquiry
  • RFP: Request for Proposal
  • RFA: Request for Application
  • PI: Principal Investigator (the primary person responsible for the grant)
  • NOFA: Notice of Funding Availability
  • GOS: General operating support

What grant writing tips have you gathered along the way? Where are you in your grant writing journey?



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