Advancing Nonprofit Capacity


What makes JustWrite Solutions different from other consulting firms?

JWS realizes that all of our clients have diverse needs. Though we provide service packages based on your unique situations, we do not offer cookie cutter packages for any of our services—everything we do is tailored to you and your nonprofit’s needs and goals. Also, JWS does not offer “low end” vs. “luxury” packages. We believe there is only one right way to do this work, and we depend on evidence-based resources and national best practice to inform our methods. You can depend on it. We will work closely with you to ensure that we can offer you the field’s best practices while still trying to work within your means.

How do I begin working with JWS?

That’s easy. Just contact Heather at 419.494.6806 or via email. Through phone calls and on-site visits, she will work with you to discuss your current situation and needs to determine if JWS might be the right fit for your nonprofit. Heather will provide you with a package of services that meet your needs and budget. At JWS, we want to manage your expectations, so you will receive a clear list of project deliverables, deadlines, and task assignments for both JWS consultants and members of your staff.

What information will JWS need from me?

To begin working with you, we may need any or all of the materials listed below (what we call the Standing Attachments List):

  • 501(c)(3) tax exemption letter
  • Most recently completed Form 990
  • Board of directors and staff lists with names, titles, affiliations, and years of service
  • Resumes of current leadership staff
  • Job descriptions of any proposed staff/open positions
  • Current budgets (projections and expense detail by program) including percentages of expenses for administration, fundraising, and programs
  • Most recent audited financial statement
  • List of all contributors in the last 12-months by month including donation amounts (private, corporate, foundation, etc.)
  • Most recent Annual Report
  • Map of service area
  • Calendar of Events
  • Strategic/Business Plan
  • Organization flowchart/table of organization
  • Conflict of Interest policy
  • Equal Opportunity policy
  • Procurement policy
  • Logic Models or curriculum for programs (as applicable)
  • Organizational collateral (newsletter, brochures, etc.)
  • At least one recent grant proposal
  • JPG pictures of your nonprofit “in action”
  • Electronic version of your logo
  • Copy of brand and/or style guidelines
Can you guarantee that my organization will receive grants?

No. JWS cannot make any guarantees that your nonprofit will receive funds because part of your success will depend on your effort and commitment to the process. We will set you up for success, but there are some things we cannot (and should not) do for you. For instance, we will submit your electronic applications but you must submit paper applications. We cannot create relationships with foundations, but we will coach you on the best practices you can implement to cultivation lasting relationships to increase you potential for grant success.

While we cannot make guarantees, you should know that we have a recorded history of measurable success in our work. Heather has secured nearly $8 million in grants, and her success rate is higher than 60% (vs. a national win rate of 15-25%). She and her team have secured and managed more than $27 million in private, corporate, and government grants for nonprofits across the country. The JWS team has a diverse set of experience that help you integrate grant seeking with your other fundraising and communications work: Heather has raised more than $5 million in private donations for a variety of annual and capital campaigns.

Who will I work with at JWS?

Heather will touch everything that is done for you at JWS. You will work with other members of the JWS team, but as principal, Heather has final review and approval on all projects and decisions. The exact amount of time she will spend on your projects will depend on your needs and the scope of the work, but you will receive personal attention from her throughout your relationship with JWS. A diverse and highly qualified group of professionals in grants, communications, and nonprofit management supports Heather. When you work with JWS, you hire 10 skilled, independent professionals who are all invested in and passionate about nonprofits. We love what we do and have committed our careers to service. Let us use that passion to support your work.

What other resources are available to me through JWS?

JWS offers a variety of resources, many of which are available on our website. Check out our Resources page for more information. You may also be interested in following us on social media sites where you can capture other free resources for the taking:

JustWrite Solutions Facebook page

Heather Stombaugh’s LinkedIn page

Heather/JustWrite Solution’s Twitter account