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Check. Double check.

Thanks to JWS Consultant Lora Ollom for today’s blog. I recently learned from a client that a proposal letter I thought they mailed was never submitted. It turns out the client thought I was handling the mailing, which typically is something I do not do. The client was not new, but the person I was […]

The One Leadership Trait That Will He...

Today’s blog is by JWS Associate Micki Vandeloo, GPC. Think about the grant writing process for a minute.  Once your organization identifies an opportunity to get grant funding, what happens?  In all likelihood, someone (the development director or grant writer) reviews it to make sure it with a current or future program.  If this is […]

Is Your Organization Ready To Try For...

Is Your Organization Ready To Try For a Government Grant?

Thanks to JWS Associate Jennifer Rathburn for today’s blog. A long-time JWS client was reviewing their upcoming grant targets and discussing organizational goals/programs that need funding. As we were discussing the available opportunities, the question came up, “Are you ready to try for a government grant?” The client immediately responded with “Yes, I think we […]

Crossing the Balance Beam: Functionin...

Today’s blog is by Just Write Solutions Associate Lisa Ovenden.  “Back in the day”, when I was a younger and less experienced major gifts officer for a major healthcare organization, I prided myself on being able to say that I “don’t do grants”. In fact, the organization was large enough that creating silos between grants […]

Non-Profit Grantsmanship Lessons for ...

Today’s blog is by Micki Vandeloo, GPC, Lakeview Consulting.  “I never even thought about applying for a grant!” “Why is it important to share my financials (or my product idea) with a funder?” “Why would I want to get a grant?” “Wow, getting grants is a really complicated process!  I hope it’s worth it!” I […]

Identify Best Fit Funders

Here is the latest blog from Heather’s upcoming book, In the Trenches: Grantsmanship. Let’s begin with a few questions.  How well do you know yourself? What are your organization’s needs? Can you identify trends in grant making? Do your priorities match the priorities of prospective funders? Geography Areas of concern Types of support Similar projects […]

Where to Find Funding Opportunities

Here is the latest blog from Heather’s upcoming book, In the Trenches: Grantsmanship.  As a recap from Chapter 2, grant revenue derives from private philanthropy (family foundations, independent private foundations, corporate foundations, and community foundations) and government sources.  There are three types of government grants: federal, state, and local. There are several resources that will […]

Think Like a Funder

Enjoy this latest excerpt from Heather Stombaugh’s upcoming book: In the Trenches: The Holy Grail of Grant Writing. Think like a Funder What are the odds of being funded in a competitive grant making process? To be more competitive, you need to think like the funder thinks and deliver a proposal that speaks to them […]

Conference Registration Deadline is A...

What a great deal! For a little over $100 or less than $150, you can attend the information-packed, First Ohio Grant Professionals Association (GPA) Regional Conference next Friday, September 23. But, hurry, the registration deadline is September 21. The Conference will be held at the Quest Conference Center, 8405 Pulsar Place, Columbus, Ohio 43240 Columbus. Registration and […]

Register Today!

How would you like to enhance your grant work? Perhaps build stronger relationships with your current funders?  Improve your time management? Learn more about the advantages of mergers among nonprofits? You can learn more about these topics and more at the 1st Ohio Grant Professionals Association (GPA) Regional Conference held on Friday, September 23, in Columbus, […]

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