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Grants are more successful when integrated within the larger fundraising strategy. That’s why we help nonprofits develop collateral: because ultimately it augments effective grant seeking. We will create compelling publications for your nonprofit that paint a powerful picture of the community you serve. We will produce unique stand-alone publications, or we will provide you the publication you need to fit in with your current communication family. We offer:

Case for Support

Have you made the case for your organization? A case for support provides a clear, concise, compelling story about why donors should support your nonprofit’s mission. We can create cases for support that are specific to a campaign, or we can produce more general fundraising pieces that are essential add-ons to your fundraising collateral regardless of where your nonprofit is at in the fundraising cycle.

Annual Letters

Have you sent an annual letter to your donors recently? We create compelling annual letters that bring clarity to the purpose and mission of your organization.

Annual Report

Are you a good steward of your nonprofit’s funds? Whether you need a traditional, multi-page donor report, or a one-page infographic of your nonprofit’s fundraising activities for the year, we can help. Annual reports are an essential way to recognize donors and to show them exactly the difference their gifts make to your organization.


An infographic is a visual image, such as a chart or diagram, used to convey information. We will incorporate an infographic(s) in your publications to help convey compelling messaging while also demonstrating the impact and benefit of programs.


We will highlight your organization's purpose, mission, programs, and important updates in a newsletter that keeps in line with your branding strategy.

Feasibility Case

How can your organization improve and enhance its success? We will help assess your organization's demographics and "reason for being."

Wealth Engine: Donor Prospecting

If finding and retaining donors seems like the proverbial search for a needle in a haystack, you’re not alone. Donor prospecting is a unique blend of science, statistics, and marketing. We use WealthEngine to provide you with key donor data to reach individuals who are most likely to support your organization. WealthEngine analyzes over 300 million profiles to find donors with a Propensity to Give score. As a result, your organization receives a strategic list of top prospects to support your programs and services.

Service Options
For Current Donors
Donor Database Screen: A list of donors sorted by their Propensity to Give
Wealth and Philanthropy Assessment for all current donors

For Potential Donors
Geomapping: Identification of potential donors within proximity to the organization’s service area
Wealth and Philanthropy Assessment for all identified potential donors

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