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You could say grants are the lifeblood of JustWrite Solutions. It’s how Heather started her dream business. We’ve expanded our services since the beginning, but grants are still the core of our work. If your nonprofit is new to grantseeking or if you’re seasoned professionals looking for a new direction, we’ll find the right combination of grant services to fit your need. We offer:

Grant Readiness Assessment

Is your nonprofit ready for grants?

A self-assessment of your organization is reviewed and scored by a professional grant writer with more than a decade of experience as a federal grant reviewer. Review and scoring culminate in a report that communicates the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities related to grant seeking.

Deliverables: Grant Readiness Score/Report

Timeline: 30 days

Grants Goldmine® Grant Prospecting Service

Who are your best fit funders?

Our comprehensive prospecting search uses multiple sources―private, community, family foundations, corporate foundations and charitable giving programs―that provide the best viable list of grant prospects for your organization.

Deliverables: Grants Goldmine®

Timeline: 60 days

Targeted Proposal Development for Private/Corporate Grants

How will you make the right ask at the right time to the right funder?

For nonprofits that need help getting started on a strategic grant seeking campaign, our private grant writing support can provide your nonprofit with the extra capacity it needs to get high-quality, competitive proposals in the hands of your best fit funders.

Deliverables: Compelling, competitive proposals ready for submission

Timeline: Monthly per Grant Seeking Strategy

Grant Reporting for Private/Corporate Sources

How can you make your private proposal more likely to be funded?

A federal grant reviewer will edit and review the private/corporate proposal, providing critique and recommendations that will strengthen the proposal’s chances of receiving a grant. The process also includes proofing/editing by a professional editor.  

Deliverables: Revised/proofed proposal with critique and recommendations report

Timeline: 72 hours

Proposal Review for Private or Government Grants

How can you increase your chances of federal grant success?

A team of two federal grant reviewers, each with more than a decade of experience, review applications for government grants. The reviewers evaluate the application, ensuring it is within accordance with the grant guidelines, and provide feedback that strengthens the proposal. This process includes substantive review, proofing, critique, recommendations, and independent reviewers’ scores prior to submission.

Deliverables: Proofed proposal with report of recommendations and combined score

Timeline: Five business days

State and Federal Grant Applications

How will you secure government funding for your work?

For nonprofits and municipalities who lack the internal resources to craft a competitive government grant application, we provide proofreading/editing by a professional editor and independent review and scoring prior to submission to increase your chances of funding.

Deliverables: Revised/proofed proposal with critique and recommendations report

Timeline: 72 hours

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