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Heather Stombaugh, MBA, CFRE, GPC, is the founder and principal consultant of JWS. She has served the nonprofit sector for more than 15 years, developing expertise in all areas of nonprofit management from administration and fundraising to program design and evaluation. Heather practices and teaches integrated grant seeking, a process by which the strategy and tactics of fundraising, marketing, and grant seeking are coordinated to increase engagement, donations, and grant awards.
Using this philosophy, Heather has secured more than $49 million in private, corporate, and government grants for nonprofits across the country. She has also raised more than $15 million in private donations through annual and capital campaigns. She is a published author, a peer-reviewer, a state/federal grant reviewer, a local/national presenter, a volunteer, a mentor, a wife, and a mother. Connect with Heather at moc.s1527066087noitu1527066087los-e1527066087tirwt1527066087suj@o1527066087fni1527066087.

Heather started freelancing as a grant writer in 2006 to fill a gap in services for Northwest Ohio nonprofits. She is well known in the Northwest Ohio nonprofit community and served in various roles from volunteer to outreach worker to executive director. Her nonprofit experiences from 1996-2006 served as the foundation for her consulting company, JustWrite Solutions, which was established in 2006.  In 2009, she expanded her consulting business to the national market with contracts in Texas and Massachusetts. Heather hired her first two subcontractors (one full- and one part-time) in 2011. Heather developed a comprehensive product list with a specialization in grants, communications, technical assistance, and training for her clients in 2012.  In mid-2012, the business grew in two powerful ways: Heather hired her second full-time subcontractor, and JWS expanded its market reach and sales to nonprofits in California, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Ohio, and Texas. Today JustWrite Solutions serves nonprofit clients across the nation. Heather leads a team of three full-time subcontractors and several part-time subcontractors. JustWrite Solutions also enjoys professional collaborations with development firms and freelance grant professionals across the country.

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